In modern urban centers, local authorities should make it easier for people to go around while ensuring the safe movement of their citizens.

INTERACT ensures the safety of pedestrian crossings at night, and proposes 2 solutions


In-pavement LED lights which can be connected to traffic lights on streets and sidewalks, and turn on in unison.

Σύστημα Διάβασης Πεζών
Διαστάσεις (M x Π x Υ)500mm x 110mm x 50mm
Λωρίδα led104 κομμάτια κόκκινα led
88 κομμάτια πράσινα led
Τροφοδοσία176 – 264 VAC
ΠροστασίαIP 67
ΥλικόΑνοξείδωτο ατσάλι
Σκληρό γυάλινο κέλυφος
έξυπνο σύστημα διάβασης πεζών


This is an integrated system for the protection of pedestrians moving in a crossing. It enhances driver’s attention, significantly reducing accidents at pedestrian crossings, while making the crossing safer even in dark and “blind” spots.

Walkway system includes:
• Solvent-based traffic crossing paint. Solvent-based materials are suitable for heavy traffic conditions, while maintaining their characteristics for years.
• Road surface reflectors with integrated flashing LEDs at level asphalt.
• Choice of network power supply or small PV unit. Allowing placement anywhere in a rural road network.
• The operating period can be adjusted depending the crossing size.