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Vehicle charging either via a standard plug with the minimum requirements (e.g. 16 A high-safety), or by a dedicated charging device with a specific plug type, built-in system control and safety and with 3,5 kW power, accepted by all models of electric and hybrid plug-in cars.

In this case, an empty battery full recharge from a standard single-phase power supply, such as those in most domestic electrical installations, can take anywhere from 7 hours (with charging device) up to 12 hours or more (directly from a wall outlet), depending on the type of car, the cable used and charging device specifications.

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Fast charging devices placed in public areas, such as sidewalks, organized parking areas, super markets etc. are dedicated devices that provide 7kW to 21kW AC power. The European Commission recently decided that the IEC 62196-2 type 2 plug will be the common standard for chargers in EU countries.

In most cases, recharging at public chargers is performed via a connecting cable, which the vehicle carries in order to connect to them.

An empty battery full recharge in quick charging public stations, lasts from 1 to 3 hours, depending on vehicle type and charger’s amperage.

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Fast charging devices can provide either 50 kW direct current (DC) or up to 44 kW alternating current (AC), for vehicles equipped with a built-in fast charger. Fast chargers support a communication system with the electric vehicle to adjust charge load accordingly without wearing down battery components.

An 85% – 90% battery recharge requires 20 to 45 minutes, depending on ambient temperature.

Required for fast charging is the existence of a complementary vehicle feature, while in the case of DC power fast chargers a cable with the corresponding plug is always embedded to the fast charging device. There are two, basic plug types and direct current charging systems.

The CHAdeMO standard, adopted by Nissan, Citroen, Mitsubishi and Peugeot, and uses a different plug to the one for alternate current charge. The CCS (Combo) standard, adopted by Volkswagen, BMW, Ford, Audi, Porsche, Chevrolet and Mercedes, and uses the similar plug to the one for alternate current charge.

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Shenzhen SETEC Power Co., Ltd was established in 2004. They are one of the leading manufacturers in China specializing in DC/AC inverters, DC/DC converters, solar inverters and electric vehicle fast charging stations.
SETEC Power has designed two types of connectors for DC [SETEVD-C1] CHAdeMO fast charging, the [SET-EVD-G2] for the Chinese market and the GB/T [SET-EVD-S3] for European electric cars.

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INTERACT ENERGY is the exclusive representative for SETEC in Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Albania.
SETEC in collaboration with INTERACT ENERGY provides the Greek market with an extensive selection of chargers such as the 10kW, 20kW, 50kW portable chargers, the 20kW wall-mounted chargers, and the 30-200kW Fast Chargers.

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Best for use in

  • Gas stations
  • Garages
  • Highways parking areas
  • Shopping malls
  • Vehicle fleet management
  • 100% green energy
  • MPPT function
  • Easy-to-use
  • CHAdeMo & CCS