How EV’s work?
Electric cars use a battery for electricity storage, which is recharged by connecting to an electric power supply (usually the “network”).

But why should someone buy an electric car;
In addition to protecting the environment and quality of life, electric cars are much more economical than ICE vehicles. Electric cars be an expensive initial purchase but become considerably cheap in their everyday use. Even the most dependable ICE car costs 3.5-4 euro per 100 kilometers (in the city). Comparatively, for an electric car, the respective energy cost is merely 90 cents! Moreover, as the EV has simpler hardware components, it also has fewer damages, making it cheaper to run and service.
An active role in the promotion of electric cars could be performed by large companies, organisations, local authorities and institutions, which by posting comparably large acquisitions of electric vehicles, would help them go public.
The electric car, in its various variants, can offer a lot to the heavily polluted, bustling Greek cities.

electric car

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